“The best place to study, where I have ever been”
— Game technology student


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Game technology education

Coding is skill with limitless possibilities. It’s one of the most high demand skills of our time. Ahlman’s 1-year high-end game technology education is designed to unlock your hidden potential and skills. Do you plan to solve problems in the gaming world or work in top game industry companies? Do you wish to create your own games, services or establish a company? We will help you accumulate the needed experience points and determination.

Ahlman has a new kind of game production related curriculum that preps you to launch your game industry career through collaborative, project-supported learning. No previous game industry experience is required.

Curriculum structure:

  • Special studies: Leading, management, game design and networking

  • Subject studies: C# coding, game coding, Unity and Visual Studio using,...

  • Project studies: Game sprints, Unity projects 1 and 2, project finishing and publishing

Training Objectives:

  • Collaboration with visual game design

  • Group building and improving teamwork skills

  • Skills and tools needed for project leading and management

  • Study plan and study diaries

  • Problem solving skills and critical information retrieval

  • Structure of game projects and game industry

  • Reviewing the coder specialization possibilities

  • Basics of game design and game design documents

  • Structure and history of games

  • Exploring the functionality of games

  • Networking with players in the gaming industry + IGDA + Game Entrepreneurship

  • Learning from game industry professionals

  • Making and publishing your own game

  • Building your own game industry CV and portfolio

  • Learning Game coding / Game Programming: Scripting and Unity Editor, basic coding policies

  • Learning to use game technology tools (game engine / IDE / API)

  • Building / implementing games and related processes and problems

  • Rapid prototyping and modular design / modular assets

  • Ready-made tools / functionalities and add-ons provided by the game engine

  • VR and UX development (includes user interfaces)

  • Sound design

  • Finalizing the games

  • Game projects and game publishing and publishing contracts

  • Peer review / game testing and pitching + marketing and post mortem



Programming language: C#
Game engine / IDE: Unity / VS
Publishing platform: Steam
VR: SteamVR (VIVE)